About Ramachandrapuram Municipality

Ramachandrapuram  Municipality is 2nd largest ULB in the East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh, it is spread over an area 13.985 sq Kms with a population 43683 (2011 census) it is know /for famous for its
It is located 13.985 Sq.Kms from capital city and 30 Kms from District Head quarters. It was established as 3rd Grade Municipality in the year 1959. There are 7 zones land 27 Election wards in this Municipality.
Ramachandrapuram is located at 16.85° N.82.02°E. it has an average elevation of 10 meters (32 feet)
Climate and Rainfall:
Ramachandrapuram town in general has a tropical climate winter slast from November to February while summers las form March to June the annual rainfall 1644, most of it received during the months of August
The Population of the town which was 41370 in 2001 increased to 43683 in 2011 with and increase5.40% in the last decade. The sex ratio is 1026 females as per 1000 males . The literacy rate 17.75%,    9.25% male population and 9.20% of the female population are literate.
As per the Budget for the year 2015-16 Annual Income for the Municipality from all the sources like property taxes, Water taxes, Education Taxes, License fees, Remuneration enterprises and Town Planning Department extra is expected Including all Government Grants as Rs. 10.72 crores for the financial year 2015-16.

The Annual Expenditure for the Financial Year as an abstract of various Heads is arrived including all Government Grants as Rs. 8.74 crores. Hence, it is concluded that the overall economy of this Municipality is difference of the above is concluded as Rs. 1.98 crores for the Financial Year 2015-16.

Environmental Issues:
This Municipality   having 3.50 Ac Compost yard situated in Kotturu road presently this Municipality implemented to Solid Waste Management System. And maintain the AP Pollution Control board norms.
Urban Poor:
The Basic services to the urban poor and integrated housing in slum development program, aims at the integration provision of the basic emanates to the urban poor and slum dwellers such as water supply, sanitation , improved housing, Education, Health Social Security
History and Culture:
The Ramachandrapuram decades back called as “PENKULLAPADU” Raja  Kakarlapudi Dynasty  ruled this area.  Before 17th century they ruled form Kotipalli Kota.  Unfortunately their fort and temples were inundated due to heavy floods occurred in middle of the 17th century, they built new fort in Ramachandrapuram, near old bus stand are status of their clan deities Sri Rukmini Satyabhama Sameta Venu Gopal Swamy kept at Pedapati vari veedhi near Annapurna Theatre in 22nd ward later constructed a temple to those statues.  They renamed this land as Ramachandrapuram, in the name of Kakarlapudi Ramachandraraju.  The people confused to call Ramachandrapuram, many a villages has same names existed, they renamed as “KOTA RAMACHANDRAPURAM” because it is fort town.
         Ramachandrapuram was formed as last Municipality in East Godavari District .  The first Municipality of the Dist. is “PEDDAPURAM”.  The Ramachandrapuram upgraded as Grade III Municipality in October 1st 1959, from Panchayat Board.  Further it upgraded 2nd grade Municipality in 1980.  The town has an extend of 13.98 km.  The town population is 43,683 as per census of 2011.  It consists 27 election wards.  The first Municipal Elections were conducted in the year 1963 the first Chairperson of Municipality was Dr. Nandiwada Satyanarayana Rao.

    1963 to 1967 Dr. Nandiwada Satynarayana Rao.
    1967 to 1973 Sri Adduri Padmanabha Raju
    1973 to 1983 Sri Raja Kakarlapudi Ramachandra Rao Bahudoor
    1983 to 1987 Sri S.R.K. Gopala Babu
    1987 to 1995 Sri Raja Kakarlapudi Ramachandra Rao Bahudoor
    1995 to 2000 Sri Kondapalli Kanaka Lingeswara Rao
    2000 to 2005 Smt S.R.K. Vijaya Devi
    2005 to 2010 Smt. Panthagada Jeevana Jyothi
    It is near town of Greatest piligramage centre and one of the Pancharamas VIZ. Draksharama. Ramachandrapuram is an important educational centre.  The famous educational institution V.S.M College sistuated in Ramachandrapuram. It is also called as “MINI UNIVERSITY”.  One of the oldest Government Educational Institution is Sri Kruthiventi Perraju Panthulu Junior College previously it ws high school, gradually upgraded to Junior College level.   The Great freedom fighter Alluri Seetha Rama Raju was studied in this school.
        This Venu Gopala Swamy Temple situated in D.No:12-7-12, Pedapati vari street,  which was built in 17th century.  Kakarlapudi’s Clan God (Kula dyvam) is Rukmini Satya Bhama Sametha Venugopala Swamy which is the first temple of the town.
    It is a born place of many lengeds and celebrities the greatest drama actor Sri Veerabhadracharyulu, who was performed a famous role as Harichandra in Satya Harichandra Drama, which was played in competition of Asian Countries Drama Performances.  The famous Musical Director Sri. J. Veerraghavulu, was enlighten from this place.  He gave great music for a song Janani Janma Bhumistya of film NTR’s Bobbili Puli.  The veteran actress Jamuna also lived in this town.  The famous wrestler (kusthi) late Sri Kodi Bala Rama Murthy, the cinema photographer Sri Chota K. Naidu, writer & cine director Vamsi, and so many great legends born this place.  This is also a cultural centre also.  Now Mayuri Kala Parishadh give awards to best state level drama performances in every year.
    They also efforted to construct New Municipal Office building and Renovate the play ground and Indoor Stadium in Ramachandrapuram.  This is a peaceful town also called as “PENSIONERS PARADISE”.