Sr. No Category Work Details Probable date of completion Area/Beneficiaries
1 Compound Wall Construction of Compound wall and Earth work in Hindu burial Ground 14th and 15th wards 8000
2 CC Drain Construction of Storm water drain near Rajababu nagar 5th ward 500
3 Earth Filling Filling Earth ward in Hindu burial Ground 27th ward 7000
4 CC Road Foration of CC road back side of Amrutha bar and restarent in 4th ward 150
5 Compound Wall Construction of waiting hall and compound wall at hindu burial ground 27th ward 7000
6 CC Road Formation of CC road at Muchimilli bridge canal road in 15th ward 650
7 Gravel Road Formation of Gravel and CC road in at Surya nagar 4th ward 120
8 Building Construction of open air auditorium at Dhandu gangamma temple site in 15th ward 5000
9 Building construction of compound wall internal CC drains at Dhandu gangamma temple site in 15th ward 5000
10 Building Construction of Community hall at Kavala vari savaram in 17th ward 650
11 Building Providing Adtional Facilities at fish market in 24th ward 150
12 CC Road Formation of CC road In 18t h ward in ST Area 400